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Work Related Injuries Recovery

If you have suffered an injury at work and need physiotherapy, please contact us @ 403-272-9628! We can help
Memorial East Physical Therapy Clinic provides Physical Therapy Services to workers who are injured at their job. We work hard to get rid of your pain fast, speed up your recovery, and help you return to work as soon as possible.
Memorial East Physical Therapy Clinic is proud to be a contracted Provider of Physical Therapy Services in Alberta to injured workers for over 17 years.

What to do if you are injured at work

  • 1. Inform your employer about your work accident and injuries as soon as possible
  • 2. Tell your doctor about your work injury so they can send reports to WCB
  • 3. Complete the Worker’s Report of Injury form (link here) and submit to WCB (https://www.wcb.ab.ca/assets/pdfs/workers/c060_with_instructions.pdf)
  • 4. See your Physiotherapist for an initial assessment of your work injuries and initial first treatment (which is covered by WCB regardless of the approval of your claim). The physiotherapist will promptly submit an assessment report to WCB.

What to expect

On your first visit, the Physiotherapist will give you an assessment for your work injuries and perform thorough physical therapy examination and initial first treatment. The Physiotherapist will then send in a report for WCB approval. If WCB approves your claim, then you will receive a Standard Program of Care which can vary depending on your injury type. For soft tissue injury type (e.g. sprained ankle, tennis elbow, whiplash injury etc.) you will receive 21 + 2 visits for a 6-8 weeks time frame. However, if further treatments are needed, an extension will be possible. More severe injuries such as fractures or post surgery will receive treatments following WCB protocol, for example patients who had bicep repair surgery may receive 12 weeks of 36 treatments.

Patient Responsibilities

You are responsible to attend the regular appointments as recommended by your Physical Therapist. If you fail to attend the recommended appointments, it may result in the discontinuation of your WCB claim. Please be aware that Memorial East Physical Therapy is required by law to notify WCB if you miss 3 or more appointments.


  • To facilitate early and safe return to work
  • To prevent further injuries or recurring injuries
  • To encourage active, responsible participation of the worker in their rehabilitation

Program Components

  • Review of incident, medical reports, and diagnostic testing
  • Detailed assessment of nature of injury, current musculoskeletal, and/or neurological symptoms
  • Evaluation of functional disabilities with respect to work
  • Establishment of a comprehensive rehabilitation protocol which will include the following:
  • Ongoing education to prevent further injuries and recurring injuries
  • Pain Management and symptom control by using Physiotherapy Manual Treatments, Acupuncture/IMS, Modalities, etc.
  • Gym and home exercises including muscle strengthening, soft tissue stretching, range of motion, endurance exercise etc.
  • Work-specific conditioning and training
  • Gradual return to work plan

Payment Method

  • Direct billing to WCB
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To Our Valued Clients,

We are open to in-clinic Physiotherapy appointments. The safety and well being of clients and staff remain the top of our priority. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the highest level of service and helping you with your pain and injury recovery.

Our operation hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 10 AM to 5 PM

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